Coconut water processing line,coconut drinks processing machine
Coconut water processing line,coconut drinks processing machine
Coconut water processing line,coconut drinks processing machine
Coconut water processing line,coconut drinks processing machine
Coconut water processing line,coconut drinks processing machine
  • Coconut water processing line,coconut drinks processing machine
  • Coconut water processing line,coconut drinks processing machine
  • Coconut water processing line,coconut drinks processing machine
  • Coconut water processing line,coconut drinks processing machine
  • Coconut water processing line,coconut drinks processing machine
  • Coconut water processing line,coconut drinks processing machine

Coconut water coconut milk production line

Suitable for all kinds of coconut to produce coconut water, coconut milk, juice with coconut ,coconut powder and etc. This processing line is combined with peeler, pulverizer, screw separator, filtration, disc centrifugal separator, blending system, degasser, homogenizer, sterilizer, filler, flusher, autoclave, ink coder and etc. With advanced design philosophy, high degree of automation; Main equipments are all made of high quality food grade stainless steel, accords with the hygienic requirements of food processing.
* Produce coconut water, coconut milk, coconut juice and etc

* Capacity ranges from 500kg/h to 20t/h,designed by the customer's needs

* Configuration is flexible, according the requirement of client to prepare the suitable machine

* With aseptic filler and hot filler

* Modular design, which can combine different processing technique

* High automatic degree, labor-saving

* Equipped with CIP to make clean easy

* Material contacted with production is SUS304 stainless steel, fully meets the food hygiene safety requirements


Coconut water coconut milk production line





End Products and Package of Coconut Processing Line
--Concentrate Coconut water filled into aseptic bags(5kg,220kg or 1000kg)
--Single strength coconut water(Non-concentrated coconut water)filled into tin cans,bottles or asptic bags.
--Coconut milk/cream filled into aseptic bags,tin cans or bottles.
--Desiccated Coconut filled into poly bags,jars or pouches.
--Virgin Coconut Oil(VCO)filled into bottles or barrels.

Single Strength Coconut water is a refreshing and cooling drink. Its sodium and potassium content makes it an ideal drink for rehydration. In a healthy, undamaged coconut, the water is even sterile. Fresh coconut after dehusking and deshelling, then use one needle to pierce one hole on the coconut to extract coconut water. After extraction, coconut water is filtered. Filtration can be done using a double cloth filter. This is especially important for mature coconut water, as dry husk fibres and dirt from the shell of mature nuts can easily get into the coconut water during extraction. After filtration, the coconut water is quickly cooled to retard any deterioration reactions. Then, it is sent for separation, homogenizing, degassing, subsequent pasteurization and aseptic packaging.
If coconut water is extracted at a location away from the aseptic packaging site, the filtered coconut water can be packed into food grade plastic bags, quickly cooled and transported to downstream processing. The single strength coconut water content is 92%-95% and soluble solids is about 12 brix.

Concentrated coconut water: Concentrated coconut water is about 60-65 brix and water content is about 35%-40%. Fresh coconut water after extracting, filtering, cooled to 10 ℃ and storing into double layers insulation tanks. Then the low-temperature coconut water will be prepasteurization and separation. Then, it goes into a multiple-effect evaporation stage to increase °Brix levels. Usually, the product is concentrated to 60-65 °Brix and packed into 200 kg plastic bags in drums for bulk transportation under ambient conditions. It is recommended that the concentrate coconut water will be stored at below zero temperature for 2 years.

Coconut milk/cream:Coconut milk and cream are produced from 10-13 months old mature coconuts when the kernel is hard and thick. They are natural oil-in-water emulsions extracted from the mature coconut kernel. The difference between coconut milk and cream is the amount of fat. The fat content of the coconut milk is 5%-20%, whereas coconut cream reaches to 20%-50%. To extract coconut milk for industrial manufacturing purposes, mature coconuts go through deshelling and paring. Pieces of kernels are then sent into industrial-scale cutters and grinders. Next, grated coconut kernel then goes into a series of screw extractors to extract coconut milk. The residual kernel from this first press is then mixed with water before it is pressed again to increase extraction yield. After extraction, coconut milk is filtered to remove large contaminants. It can then be standardized to a pre-determined level of fat and blended with other ingredients. Finally, coconut milk is homogenized, degassed, pasteurized and aseptically filled into aseptic bags or small package like bottles or tin cans.

Coconut oil: Coconut oil is one of the main products traditionally derived from the coconut kernel. Coconut oil processing methods or technologies are classified into two major types based on copra or fresh coconut kernel used. The oil extraction technology, which starts with copra as the raw material, is commonly known as the dry process. While the method that uses fresh coconuts as starting material is generally called the fresh-wet or fresh-dry process. Based on different separation methods, coconut oil can be classified into two types – RBD coconut oil and virgin coconut oil (VCO). The former is refined, bleached and deodorized (RBD) from dry extraction, while the latter is produced by fresh-wet and fresh-dry extractions.


Key Machine of Coconut Water and Milk Processing Line:
Coconut water extracting machine
It is composed of a coconut water drilling machine and a coconut water extraction conveyor,the machine is made of SUS304 material and with vat for coconut water collection.It is semi-automatic,one operator holds the coconut and aims the coconut eye to the drill to get the water then pours coconut water into the conut water collection vat.

Coconut dehucking machine
Coconut dehusking machine is to remove the outer hard huck.This type of peeling machine is semi-automatic equipment.It is mainly composed of a round cutter plate,a hard alloy cutter head,a wedge blade knife and a geared motor.When the machine is working,manually hold the coconut,align the position of the front coconut eye with the sprout blade,and press it down.At this time,the rotating peeling blade and the wedge-shaped top blade squeeze the coconut placed in it,thus smoothly peeling the coconut meat.The whole machine is designed for fixed installation and height-adjustable placement,which can satisfy both large-scale production line use and individual independent use,and has a wide range of adaptability.The capacity is 200-300PCS/H.

Coconut meat blanching machine
The crawler-type coconut meat blanching machine is composed of a stainless steel tank,a stainless steel baffle track,a steam heating interface,a cleaning port,a water outlet,a motor,a cooling sprinkler,a temperature control unit and other parts.The coconut meat is fed into the blanching tank.Driven by the crawler belt,the material is slowly moved towards the discharge port after being blanched and sterilized by high-temperature water.After the material discharge from the blanching tank,it is sprayed with cold water and transport to the sorting machine.
The whole machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel except for standard parts such as motors and bearings,which fully meet food hygiene requirments.The equipment is suitable for the pre-cooking process of coconut meat,Vegetables and fruits,and has good temperature control.The processes of feeding,moisturizing,cooking,and discharging can be operated continuously without interruption.It has the advantages of low labor intensity,high performance,easy operation,and labor-saving.

Coconut meat grinding machine
The coconut meat grinding machine consists of a feeding hopper,a sawtooth type converter,a frame,the main shaft,a bearing housing,a transmission,and a distcharge hopper.When the coconut meat enters from the feeding hopper,the coconut flesh is transferred to sawtooth by a tangential spiral and grinds the coconut meat into small particles(3-5mm).

Coconut milk extracting machine
There are two types of machines for coconut milk extracting:one is using belt press,the other is using double screw juice extractors.
The double screw type juice extractor usually has a higher yield rate than the belt press with about 55%-60%.The pneumatic double screw type extracting machine working principle:coconut kernel from the feed hopper led by screw.The cavity of the screw is smaller and smaller,press the coconut kernel,coconut milk is pressed out and collected into a vessel,the solid after extracted the coconut milk is discharged out through the interspaces between the screw and pressure regulating head.
The belt press coconut milk extractor is used for a higher capacity coconut milk processing plant.The coconut meat will be ground into flakes,and then feed into the belt press extractor.During extracting,the RO pure water will be added.

Coconut water and milk pasteurizer/sterilizer
There are two sterilizing processes during coconut water and milk processing.The first process uses plate-type pasteurizer to do pre-pasteurization(70-95℃ for 15-20 seconds)when extracting out the coconut water and milk,then storage into batch tanks instantly.The second process is that before coconut water and coconut milk filling,we use a tubular type UHT sterilizer(137-140℃ for 3-5 seconds)or DSI sterilizer to kill all the bacteria in the products.After sterilizing,the coconut water and milk can do aseptic filling into tetra pak cartons or hot filling into bottles or tin cans.

Coconut water and milk filler
There are three main products for coconut:single strength coconut water and coconut milk can do aseptic filling into aseptic brick cartons or hot filling into PET or glass bottles and small tin cans;Concentrated coconut water will be filled into aseptic bags in drums for repacking.

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