Protein milk production line for soybean,almond,tigernut,walnut,oat
  • Protein milk production line for soybean,almond,tigernut,walnut,oat
  • Protein milk production line for soybean,almond,tigernut,walnut,oat

Soymilk nuts milk processing line

Protein milk production line for soybeans, almonds, tigernuts, walnuts , oats etc.   Lines and equipment especially designed for the production and packing of tiger nuts milk according to the highest quality standards. The tiger nuts milk line production process is composed of the following phases: reception of tiger nuts, cleaning, grinding, separation, clarification, inhibition, standardization/formulation, homogenization, cooling and storage, sterilization, filling and packing. The tiger nuts milk can also be kept for further processing in order to obtain, for example, flavored milk, drinks, beverages etc.


The protein milk processing line is a turnkey project, which can produce several types of market protein milk products, i.e. almond milk,walnut milk, coconut milk,peanut milk,

tiger nuts milk, soy milk,various contents,pasteurized milk,UHT milk.

This milk production line raw milk can be tigernut, fresh dry walnut/almond/soy/coconut/peanut or milk powder the procedure method can be pasteurization or HTST pasteurizer or UHT processing.

Finished product package of this milk production line can be plastic pouches, plastic cups, plastic bottles, glass bottles, roof top box,pre-pak pouches,tetra pak etc. for this dairy production line 

according to different end product and package type, the production technology is differently designed.

Raw material

Almond, Walnut, tiger nut, Soya Bean,Peanut and other high protein products

End product

Various kinds of pasteurized milk, yogurt, flavored milk, milk beverage,malt milk,soy milk,etc


2000 – 1000,000 liters per day

End product package

Pre-pak soft pouch, Tetra Brick, Gable Top box, plastic bottle, plastic cup, glass bottle,plastic pouch etc




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