High presssure milk homogenizer,milk homogenizer machine

High presssure milk homogenizer

High pressure homogenizer is a special equipment of the liquid material thinning and high pressure transportation. This equipment is widely used in the production, scientific research and technical development of a lot of areas, such as: food, dairy food, drink, pharmacy, chemical industry, biological technology and so on.


Working principle:

1. The homogenizer is a kind of ultra-fine comminution, emulsifying homogenate equipment.

2. It's USES high pressure conditions suspension liquid, through an adjustable homogeneous valve aperture 

voltage-absent, expansion, explosion, shear and collision, comprehensive effect material to superfine crushing, 

particle size can reach 0.01 ~ 2 u m, average 1 muon m, and formed a good emulsion or dispersed.


Description of Construction:

1) Actuation: Two-step of speed changes; first step is belt pulley; the second step with crank gears get transmission

oppositely; the slide can be disassembled simply, spindle and tile are made of special alloys, the rolled axletree

setted on two sides make the machine steadily and low noise.

2)lubrication: Splashed free lubrication.

3)Main pump: Three channels,the pressing cover takes radial direction sealing itself.

4)3Pistons: Quadrate sealing component, code:X4310

5)One-way valve:There are 3 in and out of tapered valve, total 6.

6)Homogenizing valve:The one step ,high pressure component consist of high pressure valve core, 

high pressure valve seat and impact ring.The two step,low pressure component consist of two plane valve.

7)Control of pressure:One diaphragmatic pressure gauge imported and assembled from Germany.It control high 

 pressure and low pressure.

8)Adjustment of pressure: Stepless manual Adjustment for the pressure gauge,two step.

Special ceramic material homogenization valve
the materials are composed of various pottery and porcelain, which suit for rubbing rigid products, cobalt chromium tungsten alloy and tungsten rigid is also optional.

W-type cobalt chromium tungsten alloy homogenization valve
prolonged rotating space of homogenization liquid can reduce energy consumption and produce high efficiency and homogenization efficiency. the two-stage w-type valve

is widely used for processing of emulsification separate and suspended matter.

Waviness type special cobalt chromium tungsten alloy valve assembly
according to flux design needed ,it adopts waviness to make cobalt chromium tungsten alloy assembly ,adjusted the gap of homogeneous via moving valve cone and fixed valve seats,

it appears radial throttle function between two kinds of fluid, and gets homogeneous fluid. the materials processed are fully homogenous and emulsified.

special material plunger
homogenizer adopts cobalt chromium tungsten alloy plunger of anti-corrosion and antifriction surface welding and surface coated ceramic plunger, the useful life of seal assembly

and seal ring is prolonged

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