cheese ketchet,Cheddar cheese making machine,cheese cooker
cheese ketchet,Cheddar cheese making machine,cheese cooker
cheese ketchet,Cheddar cheese making machine,cheese cooker
  • cheese ketchet,Cheddar cheese making machine,cheese cooker
  • cheese ketchet,Cheddar cheese making machine,cheese cooker
  • cheese ketchet,Cheddar cheese making machine,cheese cooker
  • cheese ketchet,Cheddar cheese making machine,cheese cooker

Oblong oval cheese vat

The cheese milk is pre-treated, possibly pre-ripened after addition of a bacteria culture appropriate to the type of cheese, and mixed with rennet. The enzyme activity of the rennet causes the milk to coagulate into a solid gel known as coagulum. This is cut with special cutting tools into small cubes of the desired size – primarily to facilitate expulsion of whey.
During the rest of the curdmaking process, the bacteria grow and multiply and form lactic acid from the lactose. The curd grains are subjected to mechanical treatment with stirring tools, while at the same time the curd is heated, according to a pre-set program. The combined effect of these three actions – growth of bacteria, mechanical treatment and heat treatment – results in syneresis, i.e. expulsion of whey from the curd grains. The finished curd is placed in cheese moulds, mostly made of plastic, which determine the shape and size of the finished cheese.
The cheese is pressed, either by its own weight or more commonly by applying pressure to the moulds. Treatment during curdmaking, pressing, brining and storage conditions determines the characteristics of the cheese.
Finally, the cheese is coated, wrapped or packed.


This cheese vat consist of a triple-walled, insulated, oblong or round stainless steel vat with an overhead stirring machine.
The stirring mechanism of oblong vat is driven by two motors: one for longitudinal move and one for the rotating motion.
The control panel is fitted into the superstructure. By means of the ‘touch screen‘ on this panel various programs for stirring, cutting and tipping can be executed.

 All programs are automatically controlled by a PLC that operates the various drive components. It is controlled the accurtelt temperature of mlik in vat by an electrical thermostat system 

to operate  the steam valve heating  water. The oblong cheese vat is fitted with a fully automatic process controller. This controller allows programs for a range of processes for the production 

of types of cheeses to be stored and executed. This helps ensure uniform cheese quality.

 The capacity of this cheese vat from 100 Liters to 10000 Liters depend on the requirement from the customer.


1If the volume≥4000L, the cheese vat has two stirring devices for longitudinal and    rotating motion ,

   the stirring speed can be adjusted stepless. 

  If the volume ≤4000L, the cheese vat has only one stirring device 

2)The cheese vat has temperature control system to control the temperature of jacket water and the curd

3)Sanitary outlet with outlet valve is equipped with this cheese vat. A lift device by a cylinder is set in one

   head of this cheese vat to incline this cheese vat to drain the whey easily

4)Cheese vat with a volume ≤ 3000L can equipped with cheese press machine or net-   cutting

5)The material is stainless steel 304 or 316L

Cheese vat, which is one of the main machines used in cheese production; It provides heating of the milk put into it. When the desired temperature is reached, 

yeast and other ingredients are added into it, thanks to the mixer inside, yeast and other components are mixed homogeneously throughout the tank.

Then the fermented milk; Thanks to specially designed cutter blades that can cut into cubes, the fermented clot is cut. It forms curd after the clot matures.Technical specifications:

The mixers of the cheese vat work bidirectionally. When turning right, it acts as a mixing, while turning left, it acts as a cutting. One of the knives, which serve as cutting, 

is manufactured vertically and the other horizontally. Guided bearing is made with reducer and hitch transfer.

Dimple plate (heating wall) sheet is located in the body of cheese vat. Heating is provided by steam circulating in the heating wall. 

The test pressure of the steam circulating in the wall is 3 bar, and the application pressure is 1.5 bar. The tank body has a pneumatic valve steam inlet and a steam trap called a steam trap.

The tank was created from the box profile on the platform. The platform is connected to the tank by flanged connection. Besides, there is also a mobile platform that the operator 

will climb on for control and control. The mobile platform used by the operator is made of stainless steel sheet with a special surface to prevent slipping.

There is a practical and useful large-scale hygienic stainless butterfly valve at the product outlet of the tank.

There is a manhole cover on the tank and a safety sensor grill system inside the cover. When the grill is in the open position, safety is provided so that the blades do not work.

There is a ventilation shaft on the tank. There is also a perforated sheet inside the chimney to prevent foreign objects from escaping inside.

There are 2 rotating CIP balls in cheese vat.

In high capacity tanks, there is an evacuation system that works with vacuum pump made of perforated sheet to ensure the output of whey. This evacuation system is 

automatically immersed in the curd after the mixing process is finished, and thanks to the vacuum pump it absorbs whey and removes it from the tank.

While the curd in the tank is emptied, there is a pneumatic piston that allows the tank body to tilt forward so that there is no product left inside.Electrical Panel:

The electrical panel of cheese vat has IP 65 protection class and is mounted on the platform. The control of the mixers is carried out by the inverter.

While it is done with PID control according to the demand of some customers, it can be done with PLC control according to the demand of some customers.

In PLC controlled tanks, prescription process and some automatic control processes can be done optionally.

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