UHT milk processing line,UHT milk aseptic packing machine
  • UHT milk processing line,UHT milk aseptic packing machine
  • UHT milk processing line,UHT milk aseptic packing machine

UHT milk processing line with aseptic packing

UHT milk processing equipment includes UHT sterilizer, high pressure homogenizer, milk refrigeration tank, finished product tank, etc. The milk can reach aseptic state after being processed by UHT equipment, and the shelf life is up to 6 months with secondary filling and sterilization. It solves the problem that milk can not be preserved for a long time. UHT tubular sterilizer and high-pressure homogenizer can ensure the long shelf life of milk and the taste quality of milk. Moreover, it can be connected with aseptic packaging machine seamlessly. Our UHT unit PLC automatic control, and high heat recovery, less energy consumption, CIP cleaning, sterilization temperature accurate and reliable, steam flow, cooling water flow, material flow are strictly controlled, all accessories can use the world famous imported brands, to ensure the highest use quality of the equipment.
Output: 200-5000l / h
Final product packaging: plastic bags, plastic bottles, aseptic brick carton , etc.


Complete UHT Milk Processing Line

With a product that can be stored for long periods without spoiling and with no need for refrigeration, there are many advantages for both the producer, the retailer and the consumer. 

This includes expensive products such as milk, cream, desserts and sauces. 


In a modern UHT milk production line (Ultra High Temperature) is pumped through a closed system. On the way it is preheated, highly heat treated, homogenized, ultra highly heat treated, 

cooled and packed aseptically. Low acid (pH above 4.5 – for milk more than pH 6.5) liquid products are usually treated at 135 – 150C for a few seconds holding, by either indirect heating 

or direct steam injection or infusion. High acid (pH below 4.5) products such as juice are normally heated at 90 – 95C for 15 – 30 seconds holding. All parts of the system downstream 

of the actual highly heating section are of aseptic design to eliminate the risk of reinfection, include aseptic packaging in packages protecting the product against light and atmospheric oxygen. 

Ambient storage is normal.


Various UHT milk processing systems:
There are two main types of UHT systems on the market.

- In the direct systems the product comes in direct contact with the heating medium, followed by flash cooling in a vacuum vessel and eventually further indirect cooling to packaging temperature. 

The direct systems are divided into: 

•steam injection systems (steam injected into product), 
•steam infusion systems (product introduced into a steam-filled vessel).
- In the indirect systems the heat is transferred from the heating media to the product through a partition (plate or tubular wall). The indirect systems can be based on:
•plate heat exchangers,
•tubular heat exchangers, 
•scraped surface heat exchangers, 
Furthermore it is possible to combine the heat exchangers in the direct systems according to product and process requirements

Composed by below part :
-- Milk Tank: The milk tanks are the prime components in any milk processing plants that used to store raw milk, skimmed milk, favor milk or cream.

-- UHT Sterilizer:   the process of heat treatment to reduce enzymatic activity and kill pathogenic bacteria. The main purpose of ygt pasteurization in dairy plants is to

make the product safe for use and to extend product shelf life.

-- Homogenizer:  improves the texture, taste and viscosity of cream or milk-based drink and prevents sedimentation in the dairy products.

-- Filling system: by aseptic filler to guarantee the clean air circulation and match aseptic package, to prolong the shelf time. with optional by Tetra pak box (200-1000ml),

PrePak bag (100-1000ml), Flexible BIB bag (2-220L).

The plant could flexible for UHT milk, pasteurizer, yoghurt, cream etc dairy product, capacity range from 500l/h-10,000L/h as per site need.



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