milk pouch packing machine,yogurt pouch packing machine
  • milk pouch packing machine,yogurt pouch packing machine
  • milk pouch packing machine,yogurt pouch packing machine

Aseptic Pouch packing machine for milk & yogurt

Fully-automatic aseptic liquid packing machine(Hereinafter called packing machine)is a special equipment to pack the liquid which in the aseptic space,and was processed UHT(ultra high temperature)treatment. This kind of packing machine is widely used for the soft packing of milk,soy milk,juice,mineral water, soy sauce, vinegar,etc.

1,Processing way. The packing machine will do as following during packing the liquid,open the film rolls,automatically sterilization,bag forming,quantitive filling,automatically counting, date printing,sealing,cutting etc. All the process completed in a ultra cleaning and enclosed space,and is control by PLC.

2,Structure. The packing machine is constituted by mainbody ,pneumatic mechanism,rack,film bag sterilization,thefilm bag forming ,quantity filling ,date printing,sealing,cutting,CIP backwash PLC touch screensystem etc.



GYAP-8000 &  GYAP-4000 aseptic flexible packaging machine is a new type of high stable production equipment developed in combination with its own technical strength.

It sterilizes, forms, seals and cuts off the bag materials with plastic as the base material in a sterile environment, and the ultra-high temperature sterilized (UHT) materials

are enclosed in the package, and the pattern of the product bag surface is complete. It is made of stainless steel, which fully meets the needs of food production.

The equipment control system adopts step control technology combined with pneumatic drive technology, and its performance is greatly improved compared

with traditional mechanical transmission. It can accurately control the film moving and sealing of the equipment, and greatly reduce the maintenance cost of the equipment.

                                                                                  Technical parameters GYAP-8000
Rated power
30kW (8000-9000 bags / h)
Filling volume
Filling temperature
Rated voltage
Equipment size L * w * h
We can design it according to your special requirements.



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