Milk tetra pak aseptic carton filling machine
  • Milk tetra pak aseptic carton filling machine
  • Milk tetra pak aseptic carton filling machine

Milk aseptic carton filling machine

This machine is used for filling milk, fruit and vegetable juice plant protein etc. liquid beverage by Paper aluminum plastic composite packaging carton.

This machine is responsible for sterilizing the carton package and machine inside filling environment is aseptic, so that can make the sterilized beverage after filling is aseptic, which can make the beverage shelf life is 6-12 months


GENYOND aseptic series filling machine have 125ml, 200S (200ml slim type), 200B (200ml standard type), 250S (250ml slim type), 250B (250ml standard type),

200D ( 200ml diamond carton with cap / with straw), 250D(250ml diamond carton with cap / with straw), 330D (330ml diamond carton with cap / with straw),

500D (500ml diamond carton with cap / with straw), 1000S (1000ml slim type), 1000D (1000ml diamond carton with cap).


Product  Name
Aseptic brick carton filling packaging machine
Filling Machine
Filling Material
Fillable Materials:
Daily Product: UHT milk, coconut milk,yogurt,etc
Fruit Juice Drinks:apple juice, mango juice, watermelon juice, kiwi juice, strawberry juice, coffee, water etc.
Sauce:Tomato sauce, sweet sauce, etc..
Filling Volume
Air Pressure
500±100 L/Min( 0.6~0.7 MPa);Connect: Thread 1/2"
Total Power
AC380V, 50/60HZ

Main features

1)   The machine Automatic Form- Feed –sterilize –filling –shaping – sealing.

2)   The machine's PLC, photoelectric correction, frequency conversion speed regulation. Pneumatic, solenoid valve, liquid level control, intelligent electronic temperature 

       control adjustment. Automatic fault alarm system. And the whole machine is made of stainless steel, with exquisite appearance and easy operation.

3)   It adopts quantitative filling, and the filling is more accurate.

4)    Mirror welding technology is used to ensure the smooth and flat welding seam, leaving no sanitary corners.

5)   Use programmable controller to realize automatic operation of equipment.

6)    Incorporating new technologies of modern optical-mechanical-electrical integration, integrated design, and precision manufacturing. The use of closed-loop control technology 

       to control tension, photoelectric detection, PLC calculation control, touch-type man-machine interface operation, monitoring, radiant heat and high-frequency induction power 

       supply clever application,  so that the strip and vertical and horizontal sealing are firmer and more reliable.

7)   The main drive is mechanical, and the auxiliary drive is pneumatic. Scientific and reasonable use makes the machine run more freely and stably.




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