Triangle carton & fino pouch aseptic filling and packing machine
  • Triangle carton & fino pouch aseptic filling and packing machine
  • Triangle carton & fino pouch aseptic filling and packing machine

Triangle carton & fino pouch aseptic filling and packing machine

1, Equipped with both H2O2 & UV sterilizing, comply with food firm's safety management requirement.
2, The machine is equipped with famous brand eletronic elements, such as Yaskawa, SMC, Schneider, Carlo Gavazzi...etc.
3, Low loss rate packaging materials, ensure economic efficiency of our customers.
4. With PLC pneumatic control system and quality touch screen to compose the drive control center which maximize the whole machine's control precision, reliability and intelligent level.


This machine is used for filling milk, fruit and vegetable juice plant protein etc. Liquid beverage by Paper aluminum plastic composite packaging carton. 

This machine is responsible for sterilizing the carton package and machine inside filling environment is aseptic, 

so that can make the UHT beverage after filling is aseptic, which can make the beverage shelf life is 6-12 months.

The processing capacity is about 5000 pcs per hour.

1. The machine Automatic Form- Feed –sterilize –filling –shaping – sealing. 

2. The machine's PLC, photoelectric correction, frequency conversion speed regulation. Pneumatic, solenoid valve, vacuum system, liquid level control, 

    intelligent electronic temperature control adjustment. Automatic fault alarm system. Aseptic room, etc., all adopt German, Japanese and other brands, 

    and the whole machine All are made of stainless steel, with exquisite appearance and easy operation. 

3. It adopts servo motor system control to realize quantitative filling, and the filling is more accurate. 

4. Mirror welding technology is used to ensure the smooth and flat welding seam, leaving no sanitary corners.

5. Use programmable controller to realize automatic operation of equipment. 

6. Incorporating new technologies of modern optical-mechanical-electrical integration, integrated design, and precision manufacturing. 

   The use of closed-loop control technology to control tension, photoelectric detection, PLC calculation control, touch-type man-machine interface operation, monitoring, radiant heat 

   and high-frequency induction power supply clever application, so that the strip and vertical and horizontal sealing are firmer and more reliable. 

7. The main drive is mechanical, and the auxiliary drive is pneumatic. Scientific and reasonable use makes the machine run more freely and stably. 

8. Specially equipped with non-stop roll changing device, so that the machine can easily change rolls and docking paper heads without stopping the machine.

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