Ice cream cup and cone filling machine
Ice cream cup and cone filling machine
  • Ice cream cup and cone filling machine
  • Ice cream cup and cone filling machine
  • Ice cream cup and cone filling machine

Rotary Ice cream cup & cone filling machine

Rotary ice cream filling machine specially designed for filling ice cream like cones, cups, single, dual-colored fancy novelties of ice cream such as topped novelties, spiral novelties. Its multiple functions include automatically dispersing containers, lid-pressing for cones(paper lid, plastic lid), heat sealing paper lid for paper cups, printing the produce date.


Products Description


The rotary ice cream filling machine can fill ice various patterns, such as the monochrome pattern, cream of double-color pattern and revolving pattern; it can also place the cup, fill ice cream,Lid drop and heating sealing,Cover drop and jack out and the nuts on the surface of the ice cream, lid placing, heating seal and press seal, jack out.
This ice cream filling sealing machine is equipped with PLC and touchscreen HMI, gives flexiblity to configure properly for your application.
The mold of this machine can be customized according to product requirements.
You can choose two kinds of packaging, ice cream cup and ice cream cone. One machine with dual functions to meet your business needs.
Machine Information
Production Capacity
2300 Cups/Hour
Filling Weight
50~500 ml/Cup
Power Supply
Machine Power
5 KW
Air Pressure
0.6 MPa
Machine Weight
450 KG
Machine Dimension (L*W*H)

Main Features

1. Digital screen display with numerical setting and flexible operation.
2. Imported PLC control system and color touching screen, easy operation.
3. Imported film driving system and color sensor enable accurate position.
4. PID independent control of temperature, more suitable for different packaging material.
5. Multiple automatic alarming functions, maximum deduction the loss.
6. Dual encoders enable more stable performance.
Production Capacity
300 L/Hour
Input Temperature
2 ~ 4℃
Output Temperature
- 4 ~ -5℃
Power Supply
Machine Power
7 KW
Machine Weight
450 KG
Machine Dimension (L*W*H)
Machine Working Process

Touch Control Screen

Set the parameters on the screen, such as filling weight, speed, etc.

Falling Cup Device

Spoon drop down one by one automatically.

Metering Filling Device

Automatically measure the required weight and fill it into the cup.

Foil Film Lid Station

Vacuum arm suck and put foils on cups for cup sealing.

Heating sealing device

Automatic high temperature sealing, good sealing performance.
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Automatic Delivery of Finished Products

Get perfect finished cup.

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